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Figure 2

From: Proinflammatory profile of in vitro monocytes in the ageing is affected by lymphocytes presence

Figure 2

Influence of lymphocytes presence on cytokines production. Note that with the presence of lymphocytes the spontaneous production of IL-10 was higher and of TGF-β was lower than that of monocytes, regardless of age. After stimulation with LPS, the presence of lymphocytes resulted in increased IL-6, IL-1β, MCP-1 and IL-10 and decreased CXCL-8 and TGF-β in comparison to pure culture of monocytes from of young patients. With age, the same differences were observed, except for CXCL-8 and TGF-β which production was the same between monocytes and PBMC stimulated with LPS.

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