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Table 3 Summary of the RCTs, using PRP in soft/bone tissue surgery and implant surgery

From: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in dental and oral surgery: from the wound healing to bone regeneration

Authors Year of publication Number of patients Treatment Follow-up (wks) Main results Effect of PRP
Anitua et al. 2006 295 Implantology 8 Improvement in implant prognosis strong
Anand et al. 2012 11 Implantology 12-24-36-48 Improved early bone apposition around the implant strong
Gentile et al. 2010 15 Reconstructive surgery of the jaw 2-4-12-24 Efficacy of PRP treatment in terms of patient satisfaction and low-morbidity strong
Wojtowicz et al. 2007 16 Augmentation of mandibular bone 12 PRP is more effective than bone marrow, containing CD34+ cells strong
Daif 2012 24 Bone regeneration of mandibular fractures 1-12-24 Direct application of the PRP along the fracture lines may enhance bone regeneration in mandibular fractures strong
Khairy et al. 2012 15 Sinus lift 12-24 PRP- enriched bone grafts were associated with superior bone density at 6 months post grafting strong
Poeschl et al. 2012 14 Sinus lift 28 Increased new bone formation when PRP was used strong
Cabbar et al. 2011 10 Sinus lift 28 No statistically significant differences were observed weak