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Table 4 Summary of the case reports using PRP in the BRONJ surgery

From: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in dental and oral surgery: from the wound healing to bone regeneration

Authors Year of publication Number of patients Type of lesion Treatment options Follow-up (Mths) Main results Effect of PRP
Curi et al. 2007 3 Jaw lesions   6-8 Resolution of all lesions strong
Lee et al. 2007 2 Complications of dental implants: oral sinus communication and lesion on the jaw ramus Closure of the oroantral communication by rotating a large palatally-based pedicle flap over the defect; surgical debridment of the lesion of the ramus 6-9 Resolution of pain and complete closure of exposed bone strong
Adornato et al. 2007 12 Soft tissue ulcerations and bone exposure Marginal resection limited to the alveolar bone 6 Ten patients showed complete soft tissue healing strong
Cetiner et al. 2009 1 Exposed necrotic bone in the alveolus Marginal resection of the mandibular necrotic bone 6 Complete healing of the oral mucosa and alveolar bone at the surgical site strong
Bocanegra et al. 2012 8 Exposed necrotic bone in the mandibula and maxilla Removal of necrotic bone and curettage of the underlying bone 14 Fast mucosal healing, reduced need for analgesics and resolution of mouth lesions, without evidence of exposed bone. strong
Mozzati et al. 2012 32 Jaw lesions Resection of the necrotic bone   The orthopanoramic X-ray and computed tomography performed before and after surgery showed successful outcomes strong
Coviello et al. 2012 7 Jaw lesions Surgical debridement and sequestrectomy 3 Improvement in wound healing and reduction of bone exposure strong