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Figure 3 | Immunity & Ageing

Figure 3

From: Age-associated alterations in γδ T-cells are present predominantly in individuals infected with Cytomegalovirus

Figure 3

Correlation between CMV-specific IgG titer and the frequency and differentiation phenotype of Vδ2-and Vδ2+γδ T-cells. Frequency of cells lacking or expressing the Vδ2 receptor (A) as well as cells with a CD27+CD28+B) or a CD27-CD28- phenotype C) within Vδ2- (left-hand panel) and Vδ2+ (right-hand panel) was correlated with anti-CMV IgG levels in serum of 19 CMV-seropositive individuals between the ages of 21 and 89. P values were calculated using the Spearman correlation test.

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