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Figure 4

From: An investigation of the effects of the antioxidants, ebselen or N-acetyl cysteine on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells and T cells

Figure 4

The effect of 30 μM ebselen or 7.5 mM NAC on intracellular GSH: GSSG ratio in the human CD4+TCC 385–7 when supplemented from a young in vitro age or from a later time point in the in vitro lifespan. A &B denotes the impact of either antioxidant supplemented from a young in vitro age and C &D denotes the impact of these antioxidants when supplemented from the later stages of their in vitro lifespan. The bars indicate the mean ± S.D. Values statistically different from their controls (Student’s t-test, 95% confidence level) are indicated with an asterisk. * p < 0.05 – Significantly higher than the ratio of non-supplemented cells.

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