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Figure 7

From: Alterations of T cell activation signalling and cytokine production by postmenopausal estrogen levels

Figure 7

Interleukin-2 (IL-2) production following induction by PMA and ionomycin in physiologic estradiol concentrations. IL-2 production by Jurkat cells exposed to 4 pg/ml estradiol for 48 hours and activated with PMA and ionomycin for 24 hours compared to cells exposed to 40 pg/ml estradiol and activated. The number of IL-2 producing colonies was determined by ELISPOT assay and the values plotted are mean ± standard deviation. The inset images present representative assay plates for activated Jurkat cells in the presence of either 4.0 pg/ml E2 or 40.0 pg/ml E2.

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