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Figure 7

From: Differential impact of ageing on cellular and humoral immunity to a persistent murine γ-herpesvirus

Figure 7

Sera from aged mice is less protective in vivo against acute γHV68 infection. One hundred microliters of sera from young (3 months p. i.) or aged (22 months p. i.) γHV68-infected animals was injected intravenously into naïve C57BL/6 mice one day prior to intranasal γHV68 infection (400 PFU). Control mice received convalescent sera from influenza virus-infected mice. Symbols represent lung viral titers measured in individual mice at 5 days post infection using a standard plaque assay. Bars indicate the medians calculated from the data shown. Significance was assessed using the Mann-Whitney rank test (two-tailed, 95% confidence). Ns; not significant

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