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Figure 9

From: Differential impact of ageing on cellular and humoral immunity to a persistent murine γ-herpesvirus

Figure 9

Aged mice are capable of maintaining control over latent virus following de novo γHV68 infection. The levels of latent virus present in the spleens of γHV68-infected young (3 months old, closed symbols) and aged (19-24 months old, open symbols) mice at the indicated days post infection were measured using an infective center assay (Panel A) and a genome copy assay (Panel B), as described in the Material and Methods. The dotted line indicates the limit of detection of the infective center assay. Each symbol represents data obtained from an individual mouse and bars indicate the means calculated from the data shown.*; P ≤ 0.05 as determined using the Student's t-test. n.s.; not statistically significant.

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