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Figure 2

From: Blood biomarkers role in acute ischemic stroke patients: higher is worse or better?

Figure 2

Axial diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps in grey level and multi-chromatic that show acute ischemic lesion (D1 - D4): a lesion that is hyperintense on DWI and hypointense on ADC map is a characteristic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) finding in acute ischemic infarction. Note: regions of interest (ROI) positioned on normal parenchyma (1, green) and on acute ischemic areas (2,3, purple/red) in order to demonstrate hyperintensity on DWI corresponding to hypointensity on the ADC map in grey level. Multi-chromatic ADC maps show blue/light green areas in correspondence of ischemic lesions.

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