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Figure 3

From: The discovery of how gender influences age immunological mechanisms in health and disease, and the identification of ageing gender-specific biomarkers, could lead to specifically tailored treatment and ultimately improve therapeutic success rates

Figure 3

Homeostatic role of IFNy pathway and IFNy-dependence of IL2 pathway in heathy men. In the APC analysis, in heathy men (Figure 2) IFNγ level decreases with aging, however the IL2 level seems to be a better candidate than IFNγ. The authors use their mathematical modeling to verify the IFNγ role as a gender-specific pathway, by excluding from the model IL2 and IFNy alternately. The graphs obtained from this analysis, clearly define the homeostatic role of IFNy and IFNy-dependence of IL2. Indeed, excluding IL2 reports from the network of cytokines are not affected, however the exclusion of IFNy completely reshapes these relationships.

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