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Fig. 1

From: Hormetic effect of rotenone in primary human fibroblasts

Fig. 1

Growth curve and percentage of SA β-Gal positive cells in MRC-5 fibroblasts +/− rotenone treatment. a Growth curve of MRC-5 fibroblasts supplemented with 0.1 μM rotenone (green) compared to DMSO-treated controls (black). b Percentage of senescence associated SA β-Gal positive cells in 0.1 μM rotenone-treated young (PD 30) fibroblasts (green), compared to DMSO-treated controls (black). The arrows indicate the time points at which samples were collected and subjected to next generation sequencing and transcriptome analysis. The bars indicate the mean ± S.D. Values statistically different from their controls (t-test) are indicated with an asterix: ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001. c Percentage of SA β-Gal positive cells in 0.1 μM rotenone treated mid (PD 52) MRC-5 fibroblasts, compared to untreated controls. n = 3 in all cases

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