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Fig. 2 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 2

From: A sustained high fat diet for two years decreases IgM and IL-1 beta in ageing Wistar rats

Fig. 2

Relative change of plasma isotypes for each individual animal over time. For the longitudinal analysis over time, only animals reaching the old age group (HFD: 5, SD: 5) were considered. Values are based on intra-individual data-sets and expressed as a percentage change relative to the corresponding baseline in young rats (dashed line, 100 %). Each black circle represents the individual value of one animal. Data are presented as box plots (HFD: red box; SD: white box), the solid line representing the median of the group. ANOVA for repeated measures was used to determine differences between dietary regimens and changes over time. One graph represents one isotype as labelled. Young: 2 month, old: 18–24 month

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