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Fig. 2

From: Comprehensive circular RNA profiling reveals that circular RNA100783 is involved in chronic CD28-associated CD8(+)T cell ageing

Fig. 2

The biomathematical predicted circ000783-targeted circRNA-miRNA-mRNA/gene network. The circ000783-targeted circRNA-miRNA-mRNA/gene network is predicted based on sequence-pairing prediction. There are 73 miRNAs and 1930 genes being targeted in the present circ000783--miRNA-mRNA/gene network (miRNA-dependent cutoff value -0.11, mRNA-dependent cutoff value -0.38). Shown in this figure, miR-125a-5p exhibited the highest degree, followed by miR-33a-5p,miR-33b-5p,miR-580-3p,miR-499a-5p and miR-34b-3p

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