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Fig. 2

From: Gene expression of inflammasome components in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) of vascular patients increases with age

Fig. 2

a Examples of a western blot showing expression of Pro-Caspase-1 and its cleavage products in PBMC from five different patients, and comparison of the p10/(p10 + p50) ratios according to vascular disease. Twenty μg of each PBMC lysate was loaded per lane. Details for detection are described in the Additional file 2. b to g Comparison of inflammasome gene expression in PBMC according to vascular disease. Gene expressions in PBMC of patients with advanced atherosclerosis (carotid stenosis, peripheral artery disease) were compared with PBMC gene expression in patients with other vascular diseases. Details of patients characteristics are described in materials and methods of the online data supplements

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