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Fig. 3

From: Decline of FOXN1 gene expression in human thymus correlates with age: possible epigenetic regulation

Fig. 3

hTEC line, a model of aging thymic epithelium: three-dimensional cell culture in cellulose scaffolds. Conventional hTEC monolayer culture (b) and hTEC 3D culture (c) maintained for four days in cellulose macroporous scaffolds were immunocytochemical staining for cytokeratin with DAPI nuclear counterstaining. (20x, objective magnification). qPCR detection of FOXN1 (d), DLL4 (e) and DLL1 (f) transcripts, in conventional monolayer and 3D cultures. Thymic stroma from 5 days-old sample served as control (“Stroma”). Undetectable level of expression is labelled with “*”

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