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Table 6 TLR-6 P249S is not associated with baseline levels of IL-6

From: TLR-6 SNP P249S is associated with healthy aging in nonsmoking Eastern European Caucasians - A cohort study

  IL-6 (ng/L, mean, SD) P-value
Disease free 2.75 (2.60) <0.001
Aging related diseases 3.33 (3.01)
TLR-6 genotype
 P/P 3.23 (3.05) 0.850
 P/S 3.08 (2.73)
 S/S 3.05 (2.93)
  1. P-values were determined by Mann–Whitney U test or Kruskal-Wallis test, subjects with white blood cells above 10.000/μl were excluded