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Fig. 2 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 2

From: Immunogenicity and safety of a respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein (RSV F) nanoparticle vaccine in older adults

Fig. 2

Anti-F IgG response summary and comparative analysis to assess for an adjuvant and antigen dose-effect. a Anti-F IgG response kinetics in active vaccine and placebo recipients co-administered TIV. Data are represented by the GMEU and 95% CIs, calculated as the antilog of the mean and 95% confidence limits of log10-transformed anti-F IgG EU values. EU values below the assay lower limit of quantitation (LLOQ) of 400 were set to half LLOQ for the purposes of calculation. b Demonstration of an adjuvant effect based on the GMRAdjuvant/Unadjuvanted analysis of anti-F IgG EUs on days 28 and 56 in individual groups administered 60 (red bars) or 90 μg (black bars) RSV F doses or pooled groups (60 and 90 μg, hatched gray bars), with or without adjuvant. Results indicated as significant by single (p = 0.016) or double (p = 0.005) asterisks allow rejection of the null hypothesis of GMRAdjuvant/Unadjuvanted = 1. c Antigen dose-effect analysis based on the GMR90 μg/60 μg of anti-F IgG GMEUs on days 28 and 56 of 90 or 60 μg RSV F recipients of adjuvanted (black bars) or unadjuvanted (black striped bars), or adjuvanted and unadjuvanted (pooled, white bars) vaccines. Results indicated as significant by single (p = 0.05), double (p = 0.022), or triple (p = 0.002) asterisks allow rejection of the null hypothesis of GMR90 μg/60 μg = 1

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