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Table 5 Comparison with previous mouse and human results

From: Transcriptomic profiles of aging in naïve and memory CD4+ cells from mice

Dataset 1 Dataset 2 Direction Genes P-value
Human CD4+ (118) Mouse Naïve (119) Up Casp1 , Dusp6, Rgs1, p < 0.021
Human CD4+ (118) Mouse Naïve (Mirza et al., 2011) (734) Up Acvr2a, Aqp9, Arrdc4, Bcl2l2, Casp1 , Cd86, Fcgr2b, Fgl2, Fndc3b, Il1r2 , Ltb4r1, Rgs12, Lyn p < 6.225e-05
Human CD4+ (118) Mouse Memory (237) Up Bcl6, Casp1 , Cyp4v3, Dusp6, Il1r2 , Plcb2, p < 0.001
Mouse Naïve (119) Mouse Naïve (Mirza et al., 2011) (734) Up Abhd4, Adssl1, Bhlhb2, Bmp7, Casp1 , Casp4, Xcl1, Ccl5, Cxcr3, Csprs, Endod1, Esm1, Eomes, Gbp3, Hmgn3, Ier3, Klf9, Lrrk1, Lpxn, Myo1f, Nkg7, Naip2, Ryk, Serpina9, Serpina3g, Zcchc18 p < 1.866e-15
Human CD4+ (181) Mouse Naïve (65) Down Foxp1 p < 0.387
Human CD4+ (181) Mouse Naïve (Mirza et al., 2011) (1382) Down Calb2, Epb4.1, Eef1d, Foxp1 , Gpa33, Tgfbr2 p < 0.102
Human CD4+ (181) Mouse Memory (107) Down l7Rn6, Trat1, Ube2n, p < 0.047
Mouse Naïve (65) Mouse Naïve (Mirza et al., 2011) (1382) Down Actn2, Actn1, Bcl9l, Ecm1, Foxp1 , Mid1, p < 0.166
  1. Rows performing comparison with data from current study include genes differentially expressed at FDR ≤0.05. Bolded terms were identified in multiple comparisons. Parenthesis indicate total number of genes used for comparison. Note that genes beginning with LOC were removed from gene lists from the current study for these comparisons, as they had been removed from the other studies, and thus the totals are slightly lower than reported in Fig. 1. P-values were calculated using the hypergeometric test