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Fig. 1

From: pERK-dependent defective TCR-mediated activation of CD4+ T cells in end-stage renal disease patients

Fig. 1

Typical example of the gating strategy for analysis of phosphorylation of ERK (pERK) in naive CD4+ T cell subsets. Briefly, (a) lymphocytes were identified based on the forward/sideward characteristics followed by (b) the selection of CD7+ CD16 T cells. c These T cells were then dissected into CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. d CCR7 and CD45RO were used to identify naive and different memory subsets within CD4+ T cells. Furthermore, (e) pERK was measured in naive CD4+ T cells without and with CD3/CD28 stimulation, and median fluorescence intensities (MFI) were shown (values multiplied by 256 in brackets). A similar gating strategy was employed for phosphorylation of ERK and p38 in all T cells subsets

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