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Fig. 9

From: pERK-dependent defective TCR-mediated activation of CD4+ T cells in end-stage renal disease patients

Fig. 9

Phosphorylation of ERK in CD4+ T cell subsets without and with BCI treatment from healthy individuals (HI) and end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. Phosphorylation of ERK for BCI-pretreated or not BCI-pretreated cells is given for different CD4+ T cell subsets: (a) total, (b) naive, (c) central memory (CM) and (d) effector memory (EM) of HI (young n = 5; elderly n = 5) and ESRD patients (young n = 5; elderly n = 5). Dots and squares represent young and elderly HI, upward- and downward-facing triangles correspond to young and elderly patients, respectively. P value: *< 0.05; Data are given as individual values

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