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Fig. 6 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 6

From: Molecular changes associated with increased TNF-α-induced apoptotis in naïve (TN) and central memory (TCM) CD8+ T cells in aged humans

Fig. 6

Expression of A20, Bcl-XL, and FLIPL and FLIPs in TN and TCM CD8+ T cells. Protein extracted from purified TN and TCM CD8+ T cells from aged and young subjects was analyzed by Western blotting using specific antibodies. [a] shows a representative Western blot for A20, Bcl-XL, and FLIP expression in TN and TCM CD8+ T cells [b] shows densitometry data from these blots, [c] shows cumulative densitometry data (mean ± sd) of Western blots from five young and five aged subjects. TN and TCM CD8+ T cells subsets from aged subjects display significantly decreased expression of A20 (P < 0.05), Bcl-XL, (P < 0.01), FLIPL (P < 0.05) and FLIPs (P < 0.05)

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