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Fig. 1

From: Expression changes of autophagy-related proteins in AKI patients treated with CRRT and their effects on prognosis of adult and elderly patients

Fig. 1

Expression of autophagy-related genes LC3-II, Atg-5 and Beclin-1 of the patients before and after treatment with CRTT. The detection results of LC3-II, Atg-5 and Beclin-1 expression in the monocytes of peripheral blood by means of qRT-PCR show that the relative expression level of LC3-II after treatment is different from that before treatment, which is lowered significantly (p = 0.001). There is a difference in Atg-5 relative expression level before and after treatment, and the level is decreased remarkably after treatment (p = 0.001). Compared with that before treatment, the relative expression level of Beclin-1 is reduced notably, with a statistical difference (p = 0.001)

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