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Fig. 1 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 1

From: A comprehensive characterization of aggravated aging-related changes in T lymphocytes and monocytes in end-stage renal disease: the iESRD study

Fig. 1

Independent associations between immune cell percentages with age and dialysis vintage. Scatter plots and regression lines demonstrated the relationship between immune cell differentiations with age or dialysis vintage in ESRD patients. Since dialysis vintage potentially modulates the effects of age on immunophenotype, we used partial regression plots to show the relationship between immune cell subset percentage and age adjusting for dialysis vintage, or between immune subset percentage and dialysis vintage adjusting for age. When indicated, the Y axis presents residuals from regressing immune cell subset percentage against dialysis vintage or age while the X axis presents residuals from regressing age against dialysis vintage or dialysis vintage against age. For presentation, the axes were labeled as they are instead of e(age|X) or e(vintage|X)

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