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Table 5 Correlations between uremic toxin levels with levels of CD8+ TEMRA cells

From: A comprehensive characterization of aggravated aging-related changes in T lymphocytes and monocytes in end-stage renal disease: the iESRD study

Cell subset p-cresyl sulfate (μg/ml) Indoxyl sulfate (μg/ml)
Correlation Coeff. P value Correlation Coeff. P value
CD8+ TEMRA (percent CD8+) 0.22 0.027* −0.01 0.97
CD8+ TEMRA (cell number) 0.22 0.029* −0.02 0.83
  1. *P value < 0.05
  2. Spearman’s correlation test was performed to analyze the relationships between TEMRA cell and uremic toxin levels. Positive relationships were found between p-cresyl sulfate and CD8+ TEMRA cells