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Fig. 5 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 5

From: Aged mice display altered numbers and phenotype of basophils, and bone marrow-derived basophil activation, with a limited role for aging-associated microbiota

Fig. 5

Effect of age and age-related microbiota on IL-3 BM cultures. a Representative gating of IL-3-driven BM culture, in which all live cells were gated for CD117 and FcεRIα. Basophils were defined as FcεRIα+CD117 and mast cells as FcεRIα+CD117+. b Effect of age and microbiota on BM culture expansion and basophil and mast cell differentiation. Data represent n = 4 cultures per group for day 4 and n = 5 cultures per group for day 7 and 10 (with each culture derived from a different mouse). O = microbiota derived from old mouse; Y = microbiota derived from young mouse

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