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Fig. 1 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 1

From: Healthy elderly Singaporeans show no age-related humoral hyporesponsiveness nor diminished plasmablast generation in response to influenza vaccine

Fig. 1

Humoral immunity to influenza vaccination. a Graph showing the basal (D0) HAI titers and the response at day 28 (D28) in young (left) and old (right) vaccinees for each one of the influenza virus strains after vaccination; paired t-test applied. Seroprotection of subjects indicated by the dotted line for HAI titers ≥40. b, c % Seroprotection in young (Y) and healthy elderly adult (O) vaccinees at baseline (D0) and day 28 (D28) for each one of the three influenza virus strains; significances were calculated using Fisher’s exact test on the number of subjects. d Results from the microneutralization assays performed on the same donors shown in A). The neutralization capacity is expressed as the reciprocal of the highest dilution of the donor’ serum at which virus infection is blocked. e Gating strategy for the identification of plasmablasts (left panel) and paired analysis of the frequency of CD38hiCD27hi plasmablasts in blood of young and healthy elderly individuals during the course of the response (D0-D28, right panel). Significant differences are expressed by * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001 and **** p < 0.0001

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