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Fig. 2 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 2

From: Elevated urine IL-10 concentrations associate with Escherichia coli persistence in older patients susceptible to recurrent urinary tract infections

Fig. 2

Schematic representation of study data for seven rUTI patients. E. coli loads, antibiotic treatments and symptom reports are defined in the attached key. The numbers in the E. coli boxes represent the sequence types derived from the MLST analysis. a Case examples of patients who received antibiotics and did not present with urinary E. coli loads during the study. b Case examples of patients who did not receive antibiotic treatments but displayed urinary E. coli loads throughout the study. c Case examples of patients on short-term (3–7 day courses) of antibiotics. d Two case examples of patients on prophylactic antibiotics and where consistent E. coli loads were observed

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