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Fig. 4 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 4

From: Elevated urine IL-10 concentrations associate with Escherichia coli persistence in older patients susceptible to recurrent urinary tract infections

Fig. 4

Urinary IL-10 concentrations of rUTI patients. X-axis reflects the longitudinal aspect of the study. In all four panels IL-10 concentrations from patients with no detectable E. coli (no E. coli) are shown as blue dots (see key). Mean values are shown for no E. coli in all panels as a black line. a no E. coli to < 105 CFU/ml E. coli (red dots; mean value: orange line) b no E. coli to > 105 CFU/ml E. coli was observed (green dots; mean value: orange line). c and d Focus on 11 rUTI patients with normal urinary tract physiology and/or no complicated medical history. Colours of dots, lines and comparisons are the same as in (a) and (b) and highlighted in the figure key. Statistical analysis and average concentrations of the data presented are found in Table 3

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