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Table 3 Participants’ health status

From: Six weeks of strength endurance training decreases circulating senescence-prone T-lymphocytes in cytomegalovirus seropositive but not seronegative older women

ParameterDescriptionaClinical examplesIST (n = 31)SET (n = 33)CON (n = 36)
Health category
 A A1Completely healthy; no medication 1 (3.23)3 (9.09)1 (2.78)
  A2Completely healthy; using only preventive medicationHormonal replacement therapy, aspirin, ...1 (3.23)2 (6.06)3 (8.33)
 B B1Functioning normally; presence of stabilized, non-cardiovascular disease; absence of cardiovascular abnormalitiesTreated hypothyroidism, stable diabetes, ...14 (45.16)12 (36.36)9 (25.00)
  B2Functioning normally; using medication with cardiovascular effect, no overt cardiovascular disease other than normalized arterial hypertensionArterial hypertension, β blocking agent, ...12 (38.71)11 (33.33)17 (47.22)
 C(history of) cardio-vascular pathology or abnormal ECG.Bundle branch block, angina, CABG, ...3 (9.67)5 (15.16)6 (16.67)
 DPresenting signs of acute or active disease at the moment of examinationBronchospasm, swollen joints, influenza, ...///
Age category (years)
 65–74  27 (87.10)28 (84.85)30 (83.33)
  ≥ 75  4 (12.90)5 (15.15)6 (16.67)
  1. Note: The values denote number (percentage). aStatus after questioning, physical examination, ECG, and laboratory examination of blood, serum & urine according to the SENIEUR protocol [41]; CABG coronary artery bypass graft, IST Intensive strength training, SET Strength endurance training; CON control