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Table 1 Spearman correlation of the plasma IL-6 levels (pg/ml) with the proportions of the B cell subsets in nonagenarians (22 males, 39 females)

From: CD27- IgD- B cell memory subset associates with inflammation and frailty in elderly individuals but only in males

B cell subset gender correlation coefficient p-value
CD27- IgD- male 0.666 < 0.001
female 0.183 0.265
CD27- IgD+ male −0.253 0.256
female −0.150 0.362
CD27+ IgD+ male −0.217 0.331
female 0.004 0.982
CD27+ IgD- male −0.300 0.175
female 0.015 0.926
  1. Correlation coefficient and significance of statistically significant associations are indicated in boldface