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Fig. 5

From: AuNP-M2e + sCpG vaccination of juvenile mice generates lifelong protective immunity to influenza A virus infection

Fig. 5

AuNP-M2e + sCpG vaccination induces antibody mediated protection. 6-8 week old BALB/c mice were immunized on Day 0 and Day 21 with 25 μL of AuNP-M2e + sCpG. On Day 42, serum was isolated from vaccinated mice via heart bleed and 300 μL of serum was transferred to naïve unvaccinated 6-8 week old BALB/c mice via intravenous injection. The passively immunized mice were challenged on Day 42 with 8.3 PFU A/PR/8/34 (H1N1). (a) Weight loss was monitored daily and percent weight loss was determined utilizing Day 0 Weight. n = 5–6, two-way ANOVA with a Dunnett’s multiple comparison test (comparisons directed towards M2e serum transfer group) and for day 11 only a Sidak’s multiple comparison test was used as mice from only 2 groups remained. (b) survival was monitored daily. n = 5–6, log-rank Mantel-Cox Test. * indicates significance compared to control group and # indicates significance compared to the mock serum transfer group. */# p < 0.05, **/## p < 0.01, ***/### p < 0.001, and ****/#### p < 0.0001

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