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Fig. 3

From: Prime-pull vaccination with a plant-derived virus-like particle influenza vaccine elicits a broad immune response and protects aged mice from death and frailty after challenge

Fig. 3

Antibody responses after two vaccinations towards H1N1 A/California/07/2009. Aged BALB/c female mice (18–22 months of age) were immunized twice with H1-VLP or inactivated split vaccine. Six weeks post-vaccination, the humoral response to the H1 of A/California/07/2009 H1N1 was analyzed in sera from individual mice by hemagglutination inhibition (HAI: 8–10 animals/group) (a), micronuetralization (MN: 6–8 animals/group) (b) and ELISA (c: 8–10 animals/group). The dotted line in a represents an HAI titre of 1:40, which is considered protective in humans. Error bars indicate 95% CI. For statistical analysis, one-way ANOVA was used on log transformed values (*** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01 * p < 0.05). These data represent 2 independent studies

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