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Fig. 5 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 5

From: Immune cell extracellular vesicles and their mitochondrial content decline with ageing

Fig. 5

Age-associated EVs carrying functional mitochondria whose mitochondrial activity per EV declined with ageing. MitoTracker™ Deep Red FM was used to stain functional respiring mitochondria in plasma EVs, followed by surface marker staining. The percentages (a) and absolute number (c) of the MitoTracker expressing EVs, and MFI of MitoTracker (e) in each gated surface marker positive subpopulation were determined by high resolution multicolor flow cytometry. a, c, e The graphs present a summary of MitoTracker expression in plasma EVs of HCs (n = 28). The Average line was placed on the average percentage (a, 83.11%) or number (c, 195 × 103/ml) or MFI (e, 13,485) of MitoTracker+ EVs in all gated plasma EV subpopulations of all subjects. b, d, f Spearman correlation used to assess correlations between age and the expression levels including percentage (b), number (d) and MFI (f) of MitoTracker in gated plasma EV subpopulations from HCs (n = 28). Correlations with r value > 0.5 or < − 0.5, and p < 0.05 were considered statistically significant

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