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Table 1 For nonagenarian samples, the GO biological processes that were most significantly associated with HERV-K (HML-2) provirus 1q22 expression, ordered by p-value. Enrichment score for each GO biological process is determined through GSEA, as shown in Fig. 2. Set size refers to the total number of the studied genes associated to each process, while gene ratio is the number of those genes that strongly correlated with 1q22 expression. The GO terms that are directly involved in neutrophil functions are in bold

From: Effect of aging on the transcriptomic changes associated with the expression of the HERV-K (HML-2) provirus at 1q22

ID Description p-value Adjusted p-value FDR (q-value) Enrichment Gene ratio Set size
GO:0051050 positive regulation of transport 1.51E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.283 37% 490
GO:0023014 signal transduction by protein phosphorylation 1.51E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.262 37% 472
GO:0061024 membrane organization 1.51E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.303 44% 467
GO:0050778 positive regulation of immune response 1.52E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.297 39% 464
GO:0002274 myeloid leukocyte activation 1.52E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.425 46% 459
GO:0044257 cellular protein catabolic process 1.52E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.279 37% 451
GO:0031347 regulation of defense response 1.52E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.287 41% 444
GO:0017144 drug metabolic process 1.53E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.277 32% 430
GO:0019221 cytokine-mediated signaling pathway 1.53E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.282 41% 425
GO:0002444 myeloid leukocyte mediated immunity 1.54E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.448 47% 405
GO:0002275 myeloid cell activation involved in immune response 1.54E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.447 47% 398
GO:0098657 import into cell 1.54E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.334 46% 396
GO:0043299 leukocyte degranulation 1.54E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.451 48% 394
GO:0036230 granulocyte activation 1.55E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.462 49% 381
GO:0042119 neutrophil activation 1.55E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.461 49% 378
GO:0002446 neutrophil mediated immunity 1.55E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.463 49% 377
GO:0002283 neutrophil activation involved in immune response 1.55E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.466 49% 370
GO:0043312 neutrophil degranulation 1.55E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.466 49% 370
GO:0006897 endocytosis 1.55E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.331 46% 367
GO:0002253 activation of immune response 1.56E-05 7.07E-04 4.62E-04 0.304 39% 368