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Table 2 For young control samples, the GO biological processes that were most significantly associated with HERV-K (HML-2) provirus 1q22 expression, ordered by p-value. Enrichment score for each GO biological process is determined through GSEA, as shown in Fig. 2. Set size refers to the total number of the studied genes associated to each process, while gene ratio is the number of those genes that strongly correlated with 1q22 expression. No significantly enriched GO terms were directly involved in neutrophil function in the young control samples

From: Effect of aging on the transcriptomic changes associated with the expression of the HERV-K (HML-2) provirus at 1q22

ID Description p-value Adjusted p-value FDR (q-value) Enrichment Gene ratio Set size
GO:0006325 chromatin organization 1.88E-05 8.19E-03 7.40E-03 −0.273 40% 475
GO:0060337 type I interferon signaling pathway 2.03E-05 8.19E-03 7.40E-03 0.491 58% 50
GO:0071357 cellular response to type I interferon 2.03E-05 8.19E-03 7.40E-03 0.491 58% 50
GO:0033209 tumor necrosis factor-mediated signaling pathway 2.06E-05 8.19E-03 7.40E-03 0.441 42% 100
GO:0098542 defense response to other organism 2.10E-05 8.19E-03 7.40E-03 0.324 39% 244
GO:0006954 inflammatory response 2.12E-05 8.19E-03 7.40E-03 0.280 38% 348
GO:0019221 cytokine-mediated signaling pathway 2.13E-05 8.19E-03 7.40E-03 0.299 32% 425
GO:0032732 positive regulation of interleukin-1 production 4.05E-05 1.10E-02 9.94E-03 0.584 44% 27
GO:0050702 interleukin-1 beta secretion 4.06E-05 1.10E-02 9.94E-03 0.561 48% 29
GO:0070126 mitochondrial translational termination 4.10E-05 1.10E-02 9.94E-03 0.439 46% 70
GO:0042752 regulation of circadian rhythm 5.87E-05 1.38E-02 1.24E-02 −0.453 49% 63
GO:0006415 translational termination 6.15E-05 1.38E-02 1.24E-02 0.412 45% 80
GO:0071356 cellular response to tumor necrosis factor 1.04E-04 1.99E-02 1.80E-02 0.347 35% 146
GO:0034612 response to tumor necrosis factor 1.04E-04 1.99E-02 1.80E-02 0.329 33% 160
GO:0050701 interleukin-1 secretion 1.22E-04 2.18E-02 1.97E-02 0.545 47% 32
GO:0032613 interleukin-10 production 1.62E-04 2.59E-02 2.34E-02 0.523 45% 33
GO:0070125 mitochondrial translational elongation 1.64E-04 2.59E-02 2.34E-02 0.429 46% 68
GO:0034340 response to type I interferon 1.83E-04 2.73E-02 2.46E-02 0.460 54% 54
GO:0032543 mitochondrial translation 2.06E-04 2.76E-02 2.49E-02 0.365 39% 101
GO:0007507 heart development 2.11E-04 2.76E-02 2.49E-02 −0.289 33% 240