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Table 2 Serologic characteristics of different types of AIHA [3, 11, 74]

From: Autoimmune hemolytic anemia: current knowledge and perspectives

Type of AIHA Antibody type Typical DAT RBC eluate Antigen specifity Antibody titre at 4 °C
Warm AIHA IgG (rarely IgA or IgM) IgG or IgG + C3 IgG panreactive
CAD IgM C3 nonreactive usually anti-Ia usually > 1:500
PCH biphasic IgG C3 nonreactive usually anti-P < 1:64
Mixed AIHA IgG, IgM IgG + C3 IgG usually lack specifity of warm IgG, cold antibody differentlyb cold antibodies < 1:64
DIHA Ig G IgG or IgG + C3 IgG often Rh-related
  1. asometimes anti-i, rarely anti-Pr
  2. banti I, anti-i or lack specificity