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Table 1 Summary of the RCTs using PRP in tooth extraction

From: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in dental and oral surgery: from the wound healing to bone regeneration

Authors Year of publication Number of patients Follow-up (wks) Main results Effect of PRP
Alissa et al. 2010 23 12 Statistical significant improvement in soft and bone tissuehealing; statistically significant reduced post-operative pain and complications strong
Ogundipe et al. 2011 11 12 Statistical significantly reduced pain; improvement in swelling/interincisal mouth opening and bone density but not statistically significant moderate
Ruktowski et al. 2010 12 25 Early and significant increased radiographic density over baseline measurements in PRP- treated sites; no significant improvement in post-operative pain and bleeding after PRP application. moderate
Celio-Mariano et al. 2012 15 1-4-8-12-24 Significant improvement in bone healing in PRP- treated sites strong
Arenaz-Bua et al. 2012 82 12-24 No acceleration of bone formation after PRP treatment. No improvement in pain, swelling, trismus and infection. weak
Gurbuzer et al. 2008 12 1-4 No increased osteoblastic activity in PRP treated sites weak