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Editors' Pick: Limited physical space in the human bone marrow

The attractive concept of limited "immunological space” whereby senescent and exhausted cells crowd out functional cells in older individuals has proven difficult to substantiate in humans where most studies are limited to peripheral blood. Naismith et al. now demonstrate that this “crowding effect” is observed in the rarely-studied human bone marrow environment and potentially results in lower titers of pathogen-specific antibodies in the blood, implying an important clinical relevance of this phenomenon

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  1. Content type: Research

    Authors: Alice F. Muggen, Madelon de Jong, Ingrid L. M. Wolvers-Tettero, Martine J. Kallemeijn, Cristina Teodósio, Nikos Darzentas, Ralph Stadhouders, Hanna IJspeert, Mirjam van der Burg, Wilfred FJ van IJcken, Jan A. N. Verhaar, Wayel H. Abdulahad, Elisabeth Brouwer, Annemieke M. H. Boots, Rudi W. Hendriks, Jacques J. M. van Dongen…

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Immunity & Ageing
Collection published: 23 April 2012

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