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Archived Comments for: Innate immunity and inflammation in ageing: a key for understanding age-related diseases

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  1. Biophysical-Semeiotic Consitutions play a pivotal role also in age-related diseases.

    Sergio Stagnaro, Biophysical Semeiotics Research Laboratory.

    12 June 2007


    we must agree with the statement that biophysical-semeiotic consitutions are as important in all other life-periods as in ageing (1-7). For instance, “Inflammation is not per se a negative phenomenon: it is the response of the immune system to the invasion of viruses or bacteria and other pathogens”. But, not all aged individuals have identical immune system, we can nowadays evaluate at the bedside in precise, rapid, and relaible way (1, 2). In addition, without Oncological Terrain and Oncological Real Risk, localized since birth in a well-defined biological system, oncogenesis is not possible (3-6, 8). Furthermore, aged subjects my be involved by so-called “senile” type 2 diabetes if they are positive SINCE BIRTH for both diabetic “and” dislipidaemic biophysical-Semeiotic Constitutions (7). Interestingly, I demonstrated earlier that all aged persons over 90 years, I meet in my practice during 44 years, were negative for Co Q10 deficiency syndrome (10-12).

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