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Archived Comments for: A Need to Study the Immune Status of Frail Older Adults

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  1. Study the immune system in ageing and disease

    Gerard Ligthart, Dept of Geriatric Medicine, Amphia Hospital, Breda, Netherlands

    21 January 2006

    Yes dear colleagues! A warm applause for your article. That is exactly what I was trying to say in my contribution to the discussion in MAD in 2001 (Mech. Ageing Development 2001; 122, 136-140).

    Now we are making progress in our concepts of the role of the immune system in ageing.

    We, the scientific community interested in Immunology & aging, should help you forward.

    I work as a geriatrician in 'pure' practice.

    We have access to large numbers of geriatric patients of all levels of frailty. If that could be of any use, let me know, we might also be able to get some funding for a good reseach project.

    But in any case: I am very happy with your article as it helps us forward and it stimulates further thinking!

    With kind regards,

    Prof.dr. Gerard Ligthart, MD, PhD, geriatrician

    Department of Geriatric Medicine

    Amphia Hospital, Breda, Netherlands

    Postal address:

    Rynsburgerweg 75

    2334 BH Leiden


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  2. Immunoceutic effect of medicinal mushroom extracts

    Tang Ch'ang, retired ex-scientist

    15 May 2006

    I am approaching 80 years of age, living with manageable chronic ailments - Diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, gout but all under control by medication. I am also taking supplements such as Vitamins, Grape Seed Extract and walking exercise to maintain fitness. My life style is quite acceptable. Would I also benefit if I took immune-boosting mushroom extracts as an aid to my weakening immnue system?

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