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Archived Comments for: NK cell compartment in patients with coronary heart disease

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  1. Assessing NK cell compartment in individuals with CAD Inherited Real Risk

    Sergio Stagnaro, Biophysical Semeiotics Reasearch Laboratory

    14 May 2007


    to certain extent, I agree with the authors of this intriguing article on the importance of studying NK compartment in CAD patients. However, I add someting more: A) we must know that it really exsist the untill now overloked CAD Inherited Real Risk, recognized bedside since birth with a sthetoscope ( It's characterized by "coronary microcirculatory remodelling", based on altered compliance of coronary arterioles, according to Hammersen, and particularly on newborn-pathological, type I, subtype b), Endoarteriolar Blocking Devices, I discovered (1-3); B)we have to utilize in CAD Primary Prevention the study of NK compartment also in CAD primary prevention, at the condition that we recognize "clinically" those who are at coronary Real Risk, conditio sine qua non of selecting individuals to be enrolled in our research; C) All CAD risk factors (300 or more!) may provoke coronary heart disorder, but exclusively in subjects with Inherited Coronary Real Risk,and evidently not in all. In fact, there are diabetic and/or dyslipidaemic and/or hypertensive, a.s.o., patients,who live as far as advanced age, showing normal coronary vessells! In conclusion, since now all physicians around the world must familiarize with such as new concept in Medicine, i.e., CAD Inherited Real Risk, I'll illustrate in my Lecture at V Virtual International Congress of Cardiology (1st Sept.- 1st Nov., 2007 - organized by FAC, President Prof. Jorge Sanagua - aiming to realize an efficacious CAD Primary Prevention, failing nowadays on the base of expensive present CAD Guide Line.

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