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Table 4 Seroconversion rates (percentage of subjects with seroconversiona or a significant increase in HI titresb in subjects without pre-vaccination immunoprotection)

From: Safety and immunogenicity of an MF59™-adjuvanted subunit influenza vaccine in elderly Chinese subjects

  Seroconversion rates, %
Viral strain Sub/MF59™ Subunit
A/H1N1 c 83.3 80.0
A/H3N2 d 85.1* 66.2
B e 33.4 25.8
  1. aSeroconversion is defined as negative pre-vaccination serum (i.e. haemagglutinin inhibition [HI] titre <1:10) and post-vaccination HI titre ≥ 1:40; bSignificant increase is defined as ≥ 4-fold increase from non-negative (≥ 1:10) pre-vaccination HI titre; cNumber of subjects: Sub/MF59™, 6; Subunit, 5; dNumber of subjects: Sub/MF59™, 288; Subunit, 152; eNumber of subjects: Sub/MF59™, 359; Subunit, 183
  2. *P < 0.001 versus the Subunit group
  3. Sub/MF59™, MF59™-adjuvanted subunit influenza vaccine; Subunit, non-adjuvanted subunit influenza vaccine