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Figure 6

From: Differential impact of ageing on cellular and humoral immunity to a persistent murine γ-herpesvirus

Figure 6

Neutralizing titers of γHV68 decline progressively with time after infection. Serum titers of γHV68-specific IgG (closed triangles) and neutralizing antibody (open circles) were measured in individual mice at the indicated months post infection. Symbols represent the mean reciprocal titers (log10), ± standard deviation, calculated at each timepoint (≥ 8 mice analyzed per timepoint). A linear regression was performed analyzing time versus reciprocal titer for virus-specific IgG or neutralizing antibody. The slope for virus specific IgG did not differ significantly from zero (p = 0.6780), however the slope for virus neutralizing antibody did (p = 0.0085).

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