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Table 2 Cellular and humoral immune modification in offspring from longevity families compared to their AM controls

From: Genetics of longevity. Data from the studies on Sicilian centenarians

T and B cell Phenotypes and Products Changes References
Naïve T cells (CD3+CD8+CD45RA+CCR7+CD27+CD28+) Increase [8]
Late differentiated effector memory T cells (CD3+CD8+CD45RA-CCR7-CD27-CD28-) Decrease [8]
TEMRA (CD3+CD8+CD45RA+CCR7-CD27-CD28-) Decrease [8]
Naïve B cells (IgD+CD27-) Increase [20]
Double Negative B cells (IgG+/IgA+IgD-CD27-) Decrease [20]
Serum IgM Increase [20]