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Archived Comments for: Alzheimer’s disease and infections, where we stand and where we go

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  1. Comment on Editorial by Monastero et al

    Ruth Itzhaki, University of Manchester

    24 December 2014

    The Editorial is a useful short review of some current data on the possible role of viruses in AD. Work on this topic has expanded greatly in the last few years and is continuing to do so apace. The review is clearly written and obviously the authors consider that the evidence is cogent. No counter-arguments are presented, but perhaps this is because none has been voiced, apart from a very few publications years ago, some in the pre-PCR era, when the sensitivity of detection of microbial DNA sequences was very limited.  The authors stress the more recent approaches – including immunological, epidemiological, and genetic ones – all of which support the concept of a role of HSV1 in AD .

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