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Fig. 3 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 3

From: Immune response to influenza vaccination in the elderly is altered by chronic medication use

Fig. 3

Phenotypes of B cell subsets. The boxplots show MFI levels of significantly altered markers on different B-cell subsets (using flow cytometry) from individuals with no history of medication use (0 on the X-axis), compared with individuals using Metformin or Statins (1 on the X-axis). The line within the box plots show medians, the boxes show the interquartile range and the lines show maximal and minimal data. Panels a and b display elevated levels of Oct-2 and Sirt1, respectively, in various B-cell subsets in Metformin users. Panels c and d demonstrate elevated levels of PD-L1 and decreased levels of Bcl6, respectively, in various B-cell subsets in Statin users. Pair-wise differences between the cohorts in each panel were performed using the Mann-Whitney U Test. Stars above the boxes indicate significant differences: * p-value ≤0.05, ** p-value ≤5 × 10− 3 and ***p-value ≤5 × 10− 4

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