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Fig. 4 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 4

From: The presence of CLL-associated stereotypic B cell receptors in the normal BCR repertoire from healthy individuals increases with age

Fig. 4

Comparison of IGHV gene usage in the normal BCR repertoire of healthy individuals and the clonal CLL repertoire of different age groups. a-b. IGHV gene usage in naive mature B cells of 50-70y (A) and 70 + y (b) healthy controls. c-d. IGHV gene usage in non-switched (c) and IgM-only B (d) cells of 50-70y healthy controls. E-F. IGHV gene usage in clones of CLL patients of 50-70y (c) and 70 + y (d). Statistical analysis was determined using the Fisher’s exact test; see text for details on significance levels

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