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Fig. 4 | Immunity & Ageing

Fig. 4

From: Lymphocyte homeostasis is maintained in perinatally HIV-infected patients after three decades of life

Fig. 4

Distribution of CDR3 perturbations calculated at single-TRBV subgroup and single-patient level. Legend: Perturbations distribution was calculated with the generalized Hamming distance method [50], by “subtracting” from the CDR3 length distribution of each TRBV of a single patient the average CDR3 length distribution obtained by analyzing a “reference group” of 12 HC. Black and white dots represent the TRBV subgroups whose perturbations are higher than the mean + 3SD and mean + 2SD, respectively, of the value seen in the corresponding TRBV subgroup in HC. The sum of these over-perturbed TRBV subgroups in each individual is indicated in the right column. The number of patients in whom each TRBV subgroup is perturbed is indicated at the bottom. HC: healthy controls; npHIVy: non-perinatally HIV-infected youths; pHIVy: perinatally HIV-infected youths; pt. #: patient number; TRBV: T-cell receptor variable beta

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