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Table 2 Analysis of the obesity-associated risk for aging-related diseases

From: First evidence for STING SNP R293Q being protective regarding obesity-associated cardiovascular disease in age-advanced subjects – a cohort study

Diseases (N: cases/controls)P-valueOR (95%CI)
Aging-related diseases (2009/810)*< 0.0011.595 (1.323–1.925)
Cardiovascular disease (382/810)0.0151.405 (1.068–1.846)
Chronic lung disease (160/810)0.0181.579 (1.081–2.307)
Cancer (47/810)0.3620.709 (0.338–1.486)
DM-T2 (177/810)< 0.0012.359 (1.667–3.338)
Cognitive impairment (343/810)0.1811.238 (0.905–1.694)
  1. Analysis was done by logistic regression using SPSS Statistic software package (version 20.0 IBM, Munich, Germany) with BMI < 30 kg/m2 as reference and BMI ≥30 kg/m2 as predictor, and was corrected for age, sex and former smoking. * 60 samples were excluded from the analysis due to the incomplete disease record