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Table 1 Correlations of immune cell populations in in the human BM with BMI

From: The impact of body mass index on adaptive immune cells in the human bone marrow

 rsp valuersp valuersp value
NK cells0.050.720.160.460.080.69
NKT cells0.070.640.130.550.030.89
B cells0.100.340.410.010.190.20
plasma cells0.300.110.150.570.390.16
T cells0.090.570.220.360.010.95
CD8+ T cells0.070.580.030.880.020.92
CD4+T cells0.360.020.380.010.120.59
  1. Spearman correlation coefficients (rs) and p values for CMV and CMV+ persons and for the whole cohort are shown. p < 0.05 was considered significant. For NK, NKT, monocytes, T cells, CD8+ and CD4+ T cells NCMV = 30, NCMV+ = 35, Nall = 65, for B cells and plasma cells NCMV = 19, NCMV+ = 22, Nall = 41 (part of the same cohort). NK cells are defined as CD3CD56+, T cells as CD3+, NKT cells as CD3+CD56+, monocytes as CD14+ and B cells as CD19+ leukocytes. Plasma cells are defined as CD38hiCD138+ B cells. Detailed gating strategy is shown in Fig. 2
  2. Statistically significant values are shown in bold